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Granite Slab Gallery 2 - These slabs are located in the Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina SLABCO warehouse..  To see slabs located in Elberton, Georgia, click here.    If you have any questions about any of our materials, please do not hesitate to contact us at 706-213-1255.  If you are unsure of the color or structure of the granite slab or any of the other materials, we will be glad to send you additional photos.  We can send actual samples to the geographical areas that we serve; this area includes Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Our normal delivery schedules do not include other areas in the United States, so if you find material on our site; please discuss this with your granite countertop fabricator. Samples can be sent to areas other than GA, SC, NC and TN, but shipping charges will apply.

Click the photo to see larger view actual granite slabs in stock
**We update our pictures on a regular basis. However, there are materials that become unavailable before our next update.  Please call to check availability on the material that you choose.**

Emerald Delicatus 325

Ebony Mist 38951

FELDESPADO granite slab 100
Feldespado 28624

FELDESPADO granite slab
Feldespado 28625

Galactica Blue granite slab -100
Galactica Blue 27617

GALACTICCA BLUE granite slab
Galactica Blue 34878

GALAXY BLACK granite slab
Galaxy Black 1545

Giallo Ornamental Granite slab 10143-100
Giallo Ornamental 10143

Gaillo Ornamental granite slab 37872
Gaillo Ornamental  37872

GAILLO ORNamental DARK granite slab
Giallo Ornamental Dark 21285

GOLDEN PERSIA granite slab
Golden Persia 13245

Golden Ray 21160

Ivory Coast granite slab
Ivory Coast 24806

IVORY FANTASY granite slab
Ivory Fantasy 1085

IRON BLACK SATIN granite slab
Iron Black Satin 13059

Juparana Classico 16502

JUPARANA DREAM granite slab
Juparana Dream 11608

JUPARANA CREME granite slab
Juparana Creme 16915

JUPARANA TIER granite slab
Juparana Tier 24809

JUPARANA WHITE granite slab
Juparana White 0239

Lapidus 28618

Marinace Black granite slab 31140-100
Luna Pearl 39404

MACUBAS GOLD granite slab
Macabus Gold 33081

MAGMA granite slab
Magma 31763

Marinance Black 31140

Mystic Grey Satin 38753

Napolitto  granite slab 1010
Napolitto 1010

NEPSON GOLD Granite Slab
Nepson Gold 200

Nettuno Bordeaux 22874

NEW NAPOLEAN granite slab
New Napolean 35304

New Venetian Gold 1771
New Venetian Gold 11686

NORMANDY granite slab
Normandy 42

OPERETA granite slabs
Opereta 432

ORION WHITE granite slab
Orion White 716

ORION WHITE granite slab
Orion White 937

PALOMINO granite slab
Palomino 33177

Pegasus Granite Slab  8161

Polar Ice 1088

PRADA GOLD granite slab
Prada Gold 80

Pretoria White 2289



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