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Granite Slab Gallery 1 - These slabs are located in the Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina SLABCO warehouse.  To see slabs located in Elberton, Georgia, click here.    If you have any questions about any of our materials, please do not hesitate to contact us at 706-213-1255.  If you are unsure of the color or structure of the granite slab or any of the other materials, we will be glad to send you additional photos.  We can send actual samples to the geographical areas that we serve; this area includes Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Our normal delivery schedules do not include other areas in the United States, so if you find material on our site; please discuss this with your granite countertop fabricator. Samples can be sent to areas other than GA, SC, NC and TN, but shipping charges will apply.

                  Click the photo to see larger view actual granite slabs in stock
**We update our pictures on a regular basis. However, there are materials that become unavailable before our next update.  Please call to check availability on the material that you choose.**


Absolute Black  Z 27507

Absolute Cream 24


African  Ivory Granite Slab 201
African Ivory 201

Alexandria Quratzite slab
Alexandrita Quartzite  28669

Antique White 1335

Araras 25237

ARARAS granite slab
Araras 32710

Artic Taupe Granite Slab 26344
Artic Taupe 26344

Austral Coffee granite slab 35755
Austral Coffee 35755


AVATAR granite slab
Avatar 5314

Azul Aran 34652

Azul Aran Granite Slab 35919
Azul Aran 35919

Baltic Brown 32834

BARRICATO granite slab
Barricato 34195

Belvedere 33263


Black Pearl


Blanco 32440

BLUE FUSION granite slab
Blue Fusion 24926

Blue Bahia 31309

BLUE PEARL granite slab
Blue Pearl 583

BORDEAUX DREAM granite slab
Bordeaux Dream 11669

BRONZITEgra nite slab
Bronzite 6052

BROWN CANYON granite slab #46-100
Brown Canyon 46

Brown Canyon 66

Butterfly Gold Granite Slab 31838
Butterfly Gold 31838

CALEDONIA  granite slab
Caledonia 1619

CARTIER granite slab
Cartier 10881

Carioca Gold granite slab
Carioca Gold 30379

Ceilo 23159

Champagne Quartzite 28727

CHAMPAGNEquartzite slab
Champagne Quartzite 30740

CHAMPAGNE guartzite slab
Champaign Quartzite 34511

CHATEAUX BLANC granite slab
Chateaux Blanc 27808

Coliseu 570

COLISEU granite slab
Coliseu 1175

COLONIAL WHITE granite slab 4917
Colonial Dream 4917

Comet Granite Slab 2128
Comet 2128

Comet 21946

CREMA BORDEAUX granite  slab 25738A-100
Crema Bordeaux 25738A

CREMA beach granite slab
Crema Beach 23517

CREMA ESPRESSO granite slab
Creme Espresso

CREMA ESPRESSO granite slab
Crema Espresso 20008

Diamond Arrow 24601

DIAMOND WHITE granite slab
Diamond White 34851-B

DELICATUS granite slab
Delicatus 6300

ELBRUS granite slab
Elbrus 28541



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